Author and futurist Tom Goodwin is in Stockholm in episode 4 of The Edge, to meet people who are rethinking the way we shop and pay using the power of new technology.

Tom sits down with the founder and CEO of Klarna, one of the country’s biggest startups now valued at over $40 billion, to discuss how the company is transforming retail by straddling the worlds of fintech, banking and commerce.

Next, he meets Lisa Lindvall, the founder of The Fit, an app that scans your body and then uses machine learning technology to help you buy clothes online that actually fit.

Online shopping is clearly the area of retail undergoing the biggest transform right now but did you know that about 80 per cent of shopping worldwide is still done in physical shops?

Tom goes to meet Daniel Lundh the founder of Lifvs, a company that believes technology is key to reviving local grocery stores. These rural shops have no staff, are open 24/7 and are unlocked using your smartphone.

A writer and speaker about technology and the changing world, Tom explores the future of design, art, money, mobility and more in The Edge, a video series exploring innovation and the people behind it all.

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